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WE LOVE to support restaurateurs, chef’s, the whole restaurant and hospitality community, serving as a resource to bring owners and operators together.

Restaurant Fanatic will serve as a critical online resource, offering detailed profiles and photographs of restaurants we visit, events, recipes, seasonal promotions, locations, a job board and more, along with a resource guide.

‚ÄčThe Restaurant Fanatic established itself as an important voice in this community, not just celebrating the art of wonderful local dining, but also giving back to the city that supports us. Enhancing the life of those behind the concept we are trilled to call ourselves RESTAURANT FANATICS.

We visit many hotels, restaurants, bars and gastronomy-themed places in Texas so that we can provide a fun, international opinion to my readers. If you are a company owner, Marketing or PR representative and think that your establishment or services would be of interest to our blog or guide book readers, please contact us.

‚ÄčIf you are a publisher or editor looking for a Bilingual food enthusiast you can find out more about us at the info@restaurantfanatic.org

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